Lose the ashtray and change to e-cigs
Lose the ashtray and change to e-cigs
Similar to a great number of products, e cigarettes, called ecigs, have had their share of bad publicity. The tobacco industry has proved doubtful as to whether they actually work as described, whether or not individuals will want them, and whether they are a lot better than cigarettes. For the rapidly growing number of fans around the world however, this substitute to smoking has been having a massive impact on people attempting to give up cigarette smoking.

Most people who test out e cigarettes end up switching permanently. Ecigs enable smokers to carry on smoking but removes the health risks. For lots of smokers, quitting is extremely tricky. Changing to an powered cigarette stops them smoking cigarettes but keeps their cravings happy.

A lot of smokers have said that ecigs not only satisfy their cravings, but also help them feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. Due to the smokeless vapour from the e-cigarette, users aren’t experiencing any of the negative unwanted side effects from the nicotine. The nicotine in an ecigarette provides smokers with a completely cancer free buzz that will help them totally alter their life style and break their tobacco smoking habits.

Furthermore, most are saying that ecigs are a good investment, and they’re actually saving money switching to electronic cigarettes. The cash invested in ecigs pays off when tobacco smokers don’t find themselves reaching into their pocket every day for a packet of tobacco cigarettes (as well as all the clothes that have to be disposed of when the smell of cigarette smoke won’t come out!).

Cigarette smoking is incredibly harmful. It may cause lung cancer along with other smoking associated illnesses. The primary reason cigarette smoking is so bad for smokers is the fact that smokers are breathing in smoke. It’s the burning aspect that makes smoking cigarettes so harmful. Inhaling any smoke is exceptionally harmful be it smoke from a fire or cigarettes. The reason ecigs are substantially healthier than traditional cigarettes is the fact that they do not burn tobacco. Rather they heat the e juice inside which then vapourises.

Ecigs are typically roughly about 80% cheaper than traditional cigarettes. This is a substantial saving so not only are you able to smoke without risking your health, you are able to also save cash too!

Given that ecigs don’t have any tobacco in them, they are not limited to a tobacco taste like normal cigarettes are. They can thus be much more imaginative with their flavours. Because of this, there is a huge selection of flavours. Most electronic cigarette smokers who have moved from traditional cigarettes agree that the taste of an ecig is a lot nicer. Most people do not smoke for their love of tobacco!

Ever since it was discovered that cigarette smoking was bad for your health, there’s been anti-smoking advertising campaigns that attempt to make smokers quit. Using the arrival of e-cigs, the new message is not to give up, switch!

Quit smoking, start esmoking.